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We had some improvs where I was like, "I don't pay them not to dance, DANCE!! He's very friendly, so he would want to get to know them." I don't know, I think Zaboo probably just kind of danced around with them, learned more about their history and background, took blood samples and, like, added them to his database. He would just ask very invasive, personal questions.One fan in the question line even dressed as Lewis' "Vork" character from the "Game On" video, eight arms and all!Here's what they had to say about "The Guild," gaming and what happens when Felicia Day makes you play "World of Warcraft." CNN: How psyched were all of you when the "Game On" video bumped Katy Perry off the top of i Tunes? Lewis: I'm OK with, I mean, I don't hate Katy Perry. Parikh: We were 2 overall; we couldn't beat Kenny Chesney.While UMAMI in the past allowed us to keep track of members and characters across multiple games, guild management in most games has allowed to no longer need an application tool.

Now I understand the phrases and the words and all that stuff, all the three-letter things that people say." Parikh: QQ more nub [which in "World of Warcraft" circles is a way of making fun of new players.We actually appeared in the "Ever Quest" documentary called "Ever Crack." We shot on set of "The Guild" just a tiny little thing where we're playing hard-core fans with the creators of "Ever Quest." But I didn't actually get into that game either. Parikh: See, I feel like I have to segment my life."Ever Quest" was really hot during the end of my college years, so I was like trying to get good grades. Lewis: I have the keyboard skills, just for playing Wo W for a year straight after I got addicted. Parikh: I don't know, I played like the old, the "King's Quests" and those games, so my keyboard skills are probably pretty raw. Soon, hopefully, I'll have no controller and be playing with that new thing Microsoft has, Kinect, which would be rad. My computer is for work/stalking my friends on Facebook. CNN: How do you create buzz for your online series?I understand the characters and what's going on, and I have a lot of friends who do the exact same.But one thing we've been doing lately are these music videos.

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