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In modern day Japan there lives two rival gangs: Spurious and Kosher. So far there is only one route which is Etsuji's. This game contains spoilers for Etsuji's character arc, but if you're hardcore then play the game if you wish!

The Kosher gang demands justice while Spurious demands freedom. If you wish to make fan art, playthroughs, fandubs, cosplay, roleplay accounts, ocs, etc. And If you would like to translate the game to a different language, or if you find any issues or grammar errors, OR just simply want to send me art/videos, contact me on twitter preferably!

I plan on making more visual novels in the future (hopefully less shitpost-y and actually have a save function lol) and it would mean a lot if you guys would support me if you enjoyed this game, the best way to support me would be to share this game with your friends! credits: Please unzip the file into a folder if you're having trouble opening the game.

The text may automatically skip suddenly so I recommend turning the text speed down halfway, or just check the text history by going into options and scrolling up on your scroll wheel!

Creepiest of all is Jeff who’s looking for someone on the wild side and would like to stay awake at night and “watch you sleep”.

“I’d like a good-sized woman, but not that way good, this way good,” a bald Frank exclaims, while gesticulating with his hands above his head just to make sure he doesn’t attract any fatties.

After years of being branded sleazy outposts for desperate losers, some dating services are becoming an acceptable cupid for people In Search Of companionship.You can also click here to download my free mini-guide on 7 Phrases you need to know to immediately bring more fulfillment to your life…and……you can now buy my book, “Surrounded by Idiots”, by clicking here. You'll get to know a hell of a lot about the poets, since it's a share-fest up in there. Because, well, see #1, plus the added discomfort of you potentially sucking. ALSO, there is rarely cake at twentysomething bar birthday parties, so there's not even that perk. You may as well sit down 2 feet from a construction site and try to have a yell-conversation there. There is a time and a place for slam poetry (in theory; in practice it is my personal idea of hell), and that is NOT when two people are just beginning to get to know each other. Baby Jesus, sweet baby Jesus in his swaddling cloth, please do not. Standing around making forced small talk with strangers while you're semi-aware that everybody's judging you is not a good time. This is where you meet dates, not where you bring them.

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