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stars Jon and Kate Gosselin split in 2009, their romantic lives went in completely opposite directions.

While Jon went on to date a series of women (including Michael Lohan's ex, Kate Major), Kate put the brakes on dating because she was busy raising eight kids.

Not many reality stars (besides the Kardashians, of course) have bodyguards, so we were a bit confused when Kate hired Neild in 2009.

But while the move seemed a little extra, it's important to note that Kate received a lot of hate back in the day, including "threats." Neild elaborated on these threats in TLC special, stating (via ): "I've had threats left in her mailbox, threats left on the front doorstep — so there's a lot of stuff that members of the public don't know.

Steve hasn't publicly addressed his reasons for leaving, but a Linked In page by someone of the same name, who has previous experience as a Security/Safety Consultant, now lists his employment as owner of a security company called Prudential Associates LLC.

Could that be the reason Neild bid Gosselin farewell?

Steve seemingly chose Gina, a decision that was supposedly in part motivated by a makeover.

Hey, as long Kate and her kids are safe, that's all that matters.

Oddly enough, Jon's BFF at the time, Michael Lohan (Yes, Lindsay's dad), also threw his two cents in.

"You hire bodyguards for the security of your families, and they end up hanging out and hooking up," he reasoned (via ). The mom denied the accusation, however, accusing Jon of using her to clear his own name.

On the other hand, it's possible he attended the bash alongside Gosselin, but we can't say for certain.

linked Gosselin to a millionaire named Jeff Prescott.

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"Gina used every trick in the book to keep Steve from straying — and it worked! We're pretty skeptical about this report, but given all the nasty tabloid attention, it's probably best that Gosselin and Neild parted ways. It all came to light when a fan tweeted a selfie with Gosselin that supposedly showed Neild in the background.

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