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Here’s a closer look at 15 past and present kid would be those who have watched the RHOC from the beginning.

They play the scene where Tamra says that her daughter said that she ruined her dad’s life.The star, 62, made the reveal with a People video that showed her about to go into surgery. TY Steven Ip has shared what the before and after images look like of the Real Housewives Of Orange County star. I didn’t want to look like bloody, swollen Tales From the Crypt for a week.’ Her work was done by Dr Ip in Newport Beach. She loved spending time with her family and working as a real estate agent. In the pre-op photos she can be seen with more wrinkles on her neck and a little extra fat under her chin, though she overall looks very good. ‘As the doctor started marking my face and the reality of what I was doing started to hit me, I thought, am I just vain and stupid? has become a staple show in the world of reality television.The series has successfully grown from two or three shows to an entire franchise with just under 10 different shows spanning multiple cities!

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