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Who is bill kaulitz dating

However, Kaulitz tells me his creative couture wasn’t always appreciated.“When I was 13 I would come to school with makeup and nail polish and I had teachers who would say, ‘We can’t teach you and you’re not allowed in class,’” he says as he runs his fingers through his bleached platinum-blond hair.It just happens and you don’t choose who you fall in love with.That’s why I love the song so much and that’s why we shot the video the way we did.” The message is one Kaulitz says the band is excited to be promoting as they head out on their first world tour in five years, and he’s looking forward to giving fans a show like they’ve never seen from Tokio Hotel before.

“When we first came out with our music, the gay question was always there and it was super important for everyone,” he says. I was always laughing about it because I was like, ‘Why is that so fucking important to everyone? ’” He continues, “For me, love is such a beautiful thing and I love that you actually have no control over it. I never know who I’m going to meet when I walk outside.

But this time I wanted to make an album that I’m totally happy with and that reflects my own style.” In addition to his distinctive sound, Kaulitz’s sense of style has been one of the standout aspects of Tokio Hotel’s onstage persona.

This evening he’s dressed in a pair of light gray jeans and a black graphic T-shirt with a black and white flannel long-sleeved shirt tied around his waist, a choice of attire that’s a departure from the usual flamboyant fashions that have become synonymous with the singer.

My friends sometimes make fun of me and almost everyone I know thinks I have a fairy tale idea about love and they always tell me it’s not like how it is in the movies — that I’m way too romantic and that all of this is just my fantasy. ” People think I’m so naive because I’ve never been hurt and all I think is that they probably got hurt too much. That someone broke their heart or maybe they never really loved someone enough and that’s why they can’t relate to what I’m talking about. In my world, it’s not that black and white and I think that the real question should be: Why are we asking this? My only advice is: Love who you want to love and love who loves you back.

That’s why I’ve been getting the ”gay question” ever since I turned 13, when I started giving interviews. I never felt like I owed any answers to anyone about it and it amuses me that they made such a big deal out of it. What I do know is that love is the one beautiful thing we can’t control. We don’t know where it comes from and we never know when it’s gonna hit us and that’s the beauty of it. I hope I find the magic, the type that heals what’s been broken and gives me wings.

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[The video] would’ve been stupid if I just had a pretty girl next to me or making out with a pretty girl the whole time. “That’s why in the video I wanted to have someone who is a little bigger, someone who is hairy, someone that’s older, someone that’s young.

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