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Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to host a themed fundraiser to bring in revenue for your school or non-profit organization.Although Valentine’s Day is not an official holiday, it is one of the most popular days of the year for celebrating and in-turn spending money on the ones we love.Pair the event with a silent auction to bring in even more funds for your organization.Same as above but with fine chocolates as the featured event. This works especially well if you have a popular local chocolatier that can be enticed to host or sponsor the tasting event.See below for some popular Valentine’s Day fundraising ideas that are easy and fun to implement.Fundraising events work great for Valentine’s Day fundraising.Invite members of your organization to prepare their favorite baked goods – desserts, sweets, decorated cookies and candies and host the event the day before Valentine’s Day.Invite your local community to stop by the sale; be sure that you host the bake sale at a convenient location with foot traffic. Sell the goodies for a small fee, nicely wrapped in festive paper and décor for people to give to their loved ones.

Invite a local guitarist or vocalist to play acoustic music and create a festive mood.

Reach out to a hotel for a romantic weekend getaway complete with room, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

Ask a spa to donate a massage so one may spoil him or herself this Valentine’s Day, or ask restaurants to provide gift certificates for fine dining.

Invite people to send a “singing Valentine’s telegram” from one of the band members throughout the night.

Incorporate a dance-contest, where couples or friends can compete to win prizes.

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The more fun and crazy the event, the better for this fun Valentine’s Day event idea.

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