Updating sql server column from another column who is troy dating beauty and the geek

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Updating sql server column from another column

Functions, variables, constants, non computed column names or any combination of all these may be used along with operators to create a computed column.In this tip we will go through an example of implementing a computed column.Persisted You may have noticed that we also used the property "Persisted" for our computed column.This property for computed columns has been introduced in SQL Server 2005 and onwards.So how could I get rid of the overhead for calculations at report generation time and how could I avoid the use of triggers for synchronizing updated columns?For such scenarios where calculated values are required or values are generated through manipulation on other columns, we have a powerful feature provided in SQL Server. A computed column is computed from an expression that can use another column or columns in the same table.

Let's insert some data and run a query to test the functionality of the computed column.

In my databases I had some values that were often calculated while generating several reports.

Also there were some columns that were dependent on one or more other columns.

It is important for any computed column, because many additional features depend on it.

To be able to make a computed column as Persisted it has to be deterministic.

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