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The address management is nice and easy in this case; they manage the mail group, adding and deleting email addresses as people move in and out of the group. Go into transaction SM37 (Job Overview) and search for the job that creates the output you wish to mail.

You need to make sure you find a scheduled, released or ready version of the job as you can’t do this with an existing spool output. Note that this doesn’t have to be an email address; you can use email, fax or X.400 messaging.

This is most inconvenient since there is a lot of sql scripts launched.

So the question is : is there a way to force Oracle to write in the spool file while each script is executed OR as soon as a transaction have been completed ?

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This question is Hi Tom,and thank you for all the tips.

The directory name will not be known until run-time.

If the users don’t get the email, or there is a problem with it, checking that the output was written to the spool (use transaction SP01 or SM37).

If the email is truncated when compared to the spool output, check OSS Note329537 – Spool cut off at 1000 lines when sent to recipient.

One of my Customers has a regularly scheduled job with spool (SP01) output.

They have asked if it could be be emailed to a group email address.

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Another option that might work for you would be to redirect sqlplus's output instead of spooling. /bin/kshsqlplus -s scott/tiger It would be a nice enhancement to be able to append to an existing spool file.