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That's max [at] fedorafaq *dot* org or "mkanat" in the #fedora IRC channel. If you discover an issue we don't cover, find any errors in the answers already here or have a suggestion of some kind, please contact us and we'll get on it.Making changes upstream instead of specifically for Fedora ensures that the changes are available to all Linux distributions.Fedora will automatically let you know when updates are available for your software.Often people want to use install or update software using the command line. First become root, and then you can use the following commands: And now you can play DVDs!

Software that is not available via official Fedora repositories, either because it doesn't meet Fedora's definition of free software or because its distribution may violate US law, can be installed using third-party repositories.

You can find Totem in the "Applications" menu, under "Sound and Video." It's just called "Movie Player." Sometimes it will say that it can't play a DVD, but it will usually work if you close Totem, then insert the DVD into your drive, then wait for a popup to ask you what you want to do, and then click "Open." (Thanks to Kai Thomsen for the original location of the ATrpms key, and thanks to Tom Householder for the new location!

Thanks to Pim Rupert for the location of the Dries key.

Thanks to Anduin Withers for a good idea about how to reorganize this question.

Thanks to Dieter Komendera for the new location of the Fresh RPMs key.) This FAQ is maintained by Max Kanat-Alexander.

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Fedora uses Security-Enhanced Linux by default, which implements a variety of security policies, including mandatory access controls, which Fedora adopted early on.

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