Updating certifications and representations dating romanian men 2016

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Updating certifications and representations

If you answered questions that related to DFARS clauses/provisions, review the applicable DFARS provisions/clauses.There are 9 DFARS read only clauses/provisions with check boxes that must be filled in to submit the certification.In addition, a DUNS number is needed, in conjunction with the MPIN to enter the ORCA system.

Because of certain company information provided in your CCR record, the question normally asked is no longer applicable to you. By reading the actual provisions/clauses that contain your responses.

However, any entries that you made on the current page will not be saved unless you first click Save and Continue Questionnaire.

Whenever you enter text in a field, you must click Add in order for the information to be saved.

Enter Your Application If you are new to this process, it is recommended that you print off the Definition of Terms located in Appendix A. You may choose to exit the questionnaire at any point, saving what you have entered thus far, by clicking Save and Exit Questionnaire.

If you need to return to an earlier page, click Previous Page.

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