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We spoke with a homeowner struggling with getting a termite bond because he’s considering spray foam in his new house.Danny and Joe talk about what may be causing this concern between the companies.We ended up living there for another three and a half years after the master bedroom was renovated, so we did have some time to enjoy it. With the money we saved on the renovation, we were able to take a trip to Southeast Asia where we sipped beers on the beach and indulged in banh mis and curries.Shortly after returning home, we moved into the renovated master suite.

The rest of the money went to materials and some tools (we bought tools we thought we would use again, and tried to borrow the rest).There were plenty of problems: the windows were old and the cheap trim was deteriorating, two different kinds of wood flooring had been used in different sections of the bedroom, and the closet was small and awkward.Renovating the rest of the bedroom turned out to be more time-consuming.My husband helped a friend with some of his projects in exchange for help with ours.Working on the project bit by bit was time consuming, and it took us two and half years to completely finish the master suite.

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But the upside to spreading the work out over time meant we could also spread out the costs without taking loans to finance it. We hadn't planned to be in the house forever—my husband's commute was long and we knew we would outgrow the house once we had kids.