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As devices become ever more connected, so too do the potential end-points through which a cybercriminal can aim to access an organization’s systems and data.Without effective cybersecurity measures, any connected device can present a vulnerability: a printer, a smart home device or, indeed, a network camera.In some instances, this may also mean making decisions about who you will and (more critically) will not sell products to, if you can’t be certain that their use will fall outside your own ethical boundaries.Technology has brought enormous benefits to society and continues to do so.

What has also been striking is how the cultural and geographical differences in attitudes and approach have been highlighted, both positively and negatively.While Axis is a company that always aims to look forwards, sometimes it is useful to pause for a moment and reflect on the recent past.As we near the end of 2018, it seems like a good time to take a look at some of the most significant activities and trends that have shaped the security industry over the past year, and which we feel will have an impact moving into the 2019 and beyond.More recently, UTC – best known as a manufacturer of HVAC and refrigeration systems – has completed a buyout of S2 Security.I don’t see consolidation in the market slowing in 2019, as more companies recognize that a broader portfolio of products and services is the route to growth, and acquisition can be a faster way to innovate than through in-house development, if the challenges of merging two companies with different systems and cultures are quickly overcome.

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Certainly, here at Axis, we still fundamentally believe that our vision for a smarter and safer world will be delivered through more advanced technology.

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