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Also premiering tonight is the second season of Terell Owen’s reality show – has been a ratings hit for VH1 with an average of over 1.5 million viewers per episode.As this is a show about Terrell’s off-season life, the series will resume production shortly after his 2009 football season ends with the Buffalo Bills.I guess that makes sense: We never brought Terrell in the beginning stages in any deal until it was time to sign on the dotted line and get the real deal going.Because at the time his focus was supposed to be football!

I can’t believe Mo and Kita would do such a thing.’ Having an opinion is one thing — anyone can have an opinion — but when you state it as fact now you are messing with my reputation as a professional woman. Monique also took aim at Wendy for her “occasional” disregard of facts, and also at the ungratefulness they feel Owens has showed to them after they had his back, publicly and privately, for years: My biggest issue is that Terrell knows we’ve gone to bat for him over the years. We’ve stood in the front line and took on war for him.Season Two will begin as his one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills expires and he will once again be faced with the question of – will he back with the Bills or will he be looking for a new team in the off-season?He will also be exploring business opportunities for life after football and dealing with the women in his life.A contestant on the show and someone working in production alleged that Chad did not want any African American women on his show, and that he wanted “all the black girls to be “cut”, except for 1.”Chad allegedly wanted to keep the Latina and brunette White girls because he believed they are “better” for him.The producers had to Chad into keeping two black women as part of his final 17.

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Chad did deny the claims, stating that “certain girls” were mad they got sent home and that he’s colorblind.

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