Saudi arabia methods dating site

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Saudi arabia methods dating site

"The site is located on a prominent andesite dyke that rises above the surrounding plain.

The spot was both a source of raw material as well as a prime location to survey a landscape that, back then, sat between two major river systems." This choice location also seems to have continued to be attractive to early humans at an even later date than those recorded by the researchers in this study.

This suggests that these hominins were able to live on the margins of habitable zones and take advantage of relatively brief "greening" episodes in a generally arid area.

The dispersal of these hominins into the heart of Arabia may also help to explain the surprisingly late persistence of the Acheulean, as it suggests a degree of isolation.

These dates are surprisingly recent for a region known to feature among the oldest examples of such technology outside Africa.

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Some of the stone flakes used to make handaxes were in such fresh condition that they were recovered still resting on the stone nodules from which they had been detached.

These and other artefacts show that the early humans responsible for making them were manufacturing stone tools at this site.

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Conversely the site of Saffaqah features the youngest Acheulean tools yet found in southwest Asia.

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