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Over the 20 years since the group formed, Arashi have left dozens of multi-million hits, won multiple awards and forever stole the hearts of millions of fans in Japan and abroad.Over the span of their career, Arashi’s members have also appeared in a number of TV dramas, movies, commercials, have hosted their own variety shows on TV, done radio shows, news programs and acted as the main hosts for some of Japan’s most watched live events.

While Ohno is usually perceived as a somewhat reserved character in real life, this movie shows another side of him which we, as an audience, don’t get to see every day: the wild and carefree one.

“I have to put that in order first, I’m sorry,” he says upon denying about it.

Arashi member Sho Sakurai (35) is dating TV announcer Ayaka Ogawa (32), a report published by "Shukan Post" has claimed.

While it will be a major loss for the Japanese entertainment world when the group eventually parts ways, they have left us enough material to hold on to whenever we feel the emptiness of their presence.

Here, we look at five of the most memorable on-screen appearances each of the five members of Arashi have taken part in.

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