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That's incredibly technically difficult, and probably takes 7 to 10 years of solid training to be able to do that. " Because I honestly can't tell what is amazing and not anymore.

I think part of the skills in a sport like this is to make it look like it's "easy" and "effortless".

How far will Touma go to protect his new companion from her pursuers?

The Book of the Law - an encoded grimoire containing catastrophic magic - has been stolen, so naturally Kamijo, Index, and a few familiar faces join in the crusade to protect the one nun who can decipher the powerful text.

Download of all files in a single archive (it's not big so there is no reason to upload each file separately) can be found below.

Welcome to Academy City, a futuristic metropolis populated with super-powered students.

As the brightest intellectual minds in the city work to complete the world’s first space elevator—a towering spire capable of taking citizens into the heavens—perpetually unlucky Kamijo and nun-in-training Index befriend a talented street musician named Arisa.

Committed to help her roommate, Kuroko Shirai asks their mutual friends Kazari Uiharu and Ruiko Saten to help solve this mysterious case. The shadows are filled with whispers of a project to clone one of the super-powered students known as espers.

High-ranking master of electricity Mikoto Misaka laughs off these stories until she comes face to face with a copy of herself.

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In the technologically-advanced Academy City, millions of students study superhuman and psychic powers.