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Complete Con and now they have taken £44.95 for a months subscription, I was a day late cancelling.However, I went on a mission and Googled every single name with the GMAIL - GMAIL ADDRESS and 100% of 40 or names I tried - all flagged up on a very populated list of known scammer emails. So, 100% of all those I checked (90% of interest I was receiving) were fake. All I can see is they WANT this as it will lure you in to pay for membership - if that was not bad enough - what is worse is - If these names are on a scam list and Match Affinity have been told then they must be fully aware these are scams - then you as a member ...a paying member are exposed to this criminal and immoral behaviour and Match Affinity are allowing it, by clear neglect, that you are the next potential victim of this scam and you'll pay for the pleasure also. Match affinity are in effect aiding and abeting it.which makes them as equally criminal and immoral as the scammers themselves.Save your precious time and hard earned cash for another dating website. NO-ONE WITHIN MILES AND RIPPED OFF FOR NEXT MONTHS FEE! I think I 'm reasonably normal but wasn't matched up with anyone local - in fact there didn't seem to be anyone using the site locally ( 25-50 miles) at all!I only joined as I was offered a month for £9.99 thinking "surely, it must be worth it for that". I'm on a tight budget so cancelled it straight away as I couldn't afford to renew.

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