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If you find yourself rolling your eyes at your partner’s abstract ideas keep in mind that there may be more to their ideas than meets the eye (especially if they have a preference for Introversion where they have worked through the idea before even sharing it with you).Allow them to present the big-picture abstractions that they’re excited about, even if they don’t appeal to you, before asking them about the facts, figures, and details that can help make their schemes real and resonant with you.

“He’s my first serious relationship after my marriage fell apart five years ago. Intellectually we don’t really have much to talk about. My intuition is telling me he’s not the best match, but I can’t seem to make a move.” The Blossom Tip: When you’re in love — or even just tentatively starting a new relationship with a man — you’ll feel many different emotions. Give God time to speak, guide, and lead you into the right conversations and decisions. Listen for your intuition — for God’s still, small voice.

” Sometimes, readers even talk about how they stubbornly refused to listen to their own inner voice or intuition.

They knew their boyfriends or husbands were cheating or lying, but they ignored the red flags because they were desperate for the relationship to work.

The ideas generated in your Intuitive world are of interest to Sensing types, but they might go unheard if not couched in the concrete language and approach of someone who prefers Sensing.

If you’re someone who prefers Sensing (and especially spends time in a Sensing-dominated environment – think engineering or computer science), it can be easy to let the personal congruency between your preferences and environment make abstract (and Intuitive) ideas seem all the more foreign.

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Inevitably, the responsibility for flexing around type-based differences in perspectives falls on the person who understands the situation best: the person who understands MBTI type.