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A few common reactions to being with a depressive person is to flight, fight, or freeze.It’s the natural reaction to stave off becoming depressed yourself.Personality disorders are often meant to be used as a diagnostic tool.It is meant to be used to give a greater description to events you may be experiencing in your relationship.

There are many features of this disorder including, but not limited to, a dominating fear of abandonment, a perpetual sense of emptiness, a continued sense of guilt that the disordered party is evil, and sometimes multiple suicidal attempts or self-mutilation.

Venues like festivals, raves, and other places that invite impulsive behavior are where the disordered can congregate and not be detected. In “vibrational” terms, depression feels like death.

Therefore, anger—a mobilizing emotion—is a survival response that gets elicited in the partner who is not disordered.

When in relationship with someone with this disorder it can feel like being a border guard always on patrol or high alert.

It takes a high caliber of self-control to regulate situations.

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In fact, like often attracts like or its counterpart.