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Parenting is often extremely stressful, and because many of our parents had not developed secure attachment by the time we were born, we grew up into adults who struggle with in adults.

This is what enables us to differentiate from our primary caregiver and to accomplish our own goals in life. Switching to the perspective of the parent, our ultimate objective is to empower children to survive on their own, without our presence or moment-to-moment guidance.If we have dismissive-avoidant attachment, even though we feel distressed inside, on the surface we seem to be disinterested in both our partner’s departure and return.In the case of disorganized attachment, we express the anxiety of separation in a mixture of behaviors, including avoidance, distress, and anger.I’m going to start by summarizing attachment theory, and then relate it to my relationship with my wife, Cindy.If you’re already thoroughly familiar with attachment theory then you might want to skip the following section.

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