Novels about dating violence

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Novels about dating violence

This romantic comedy of errors highlights just how bizarre it can feel when romance starts entering the picture.

This title was also made into a feature film of the same name, recommended for ages 10 and up.

Add in media messages that glorify unhealthy behavior — how many romantic comedies involve the boy who just won't give up on the girl who said no?

— and kids can find it extremely difficult to figure out what healthy romantic love really looks like.

Juli and Bryce met in second grade, and she immediately knew he was perfect...

while he just thought she was weird, with her love of trees and chickens.

These books acknowledge and explore the erratic feelings that come with love.

Callie's school year starts with heartbreak: after her hopes fly high when she gets a kiss from an upperclassman, he then rejects her at school the next day.

But when the school turns on the non-conforming Stargirl, Leo sees only two choices: join her as an outsider, or convince her to be "normal." Stargirl loves Leo, but she has her own question to answer: is it crazier to be in love with the weird kid at school, or to deny who you really are in the name of love?Told in alternating perspectives, this charming story of friendship and first love captures the best that a relationship can be — even if it is part of the mishaps and discoveries of seventh grade.What do you do when the person you fall in love with is the "crazy" one?Six years later, though, Bryce is starting to look at Juli with different eyes, and suddenly her confidence in herself and her pride in her unique family are appealing, not strange.The only trouble is that Juli has just started thinking that maybe Bryce's beautiful blue eyes aren't enough to make him someone special.

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Soon, she's daring to meet him in person — with the help of her nurse, Carla — and finds herself no longer satisfied by a life within four safe walls.