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Take your time and browse around to look for other users that have like minded interests to yourself.

Below there is a listing of every one of the matching interests of the users right here at Bodybuilder Singles.We like the chocolate more than the vanilla - vanilla tastes like ass. If you're thinking about dating a body builder, possibly one who's majoring in sports medicine, health exercise and pre-med, then expect a lot of terms that go right over your head (unless you're majoring in something similar, of course).If you are not then, you might have to ask him or her to dumb down the jargon a bit.And yes, packing for a trip even though it might only be for a night takes quite a long while.I can take one bag, thats filled with the essentials for myself which are my clothes (pjs and clothes for the next day), mascara, laptop and phone charger while my significant other has a bag for is clothes, technologies, possibly two protein shake containers, six protein bars, a package of yogurt and possibly a gallon or quart of milk; this takes at least two trips out to the car and that is only for a one-nighter.

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They find each other in the gym (its magic I tell you) and become fast friends hysterically laughing about that one time this one friend mixed multiple pre-workouts who turned an alarming shade of red all over his body during his workout and wasn't able to sleep for a couple of days. If you have gotten to the point of your Honey spending the night/weekend then you probably already know about their sleep schedule - mine has to go to sleep before 11pm and get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep or my significant other is death warmed over the next day.

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