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Jewishdatingscene com

As the first episode unwinds, we begin to get a sense of the four lead characters, each cleverly designed as foils for one another.Sarah Feldman (Sara Scur) is a witty and introspective artist who is supposed to be set up with Ben (Nathan Shapiro), an arrogant law student.

In other words, Jdate’s snap legal team managed to secure an intellectual property portfolio broader than the Grand Canyon, with potential copyright infringement claims over countless dating sites, many of which “confidentially” match singles.We got about 5,000 hits in the first day, which took us completely by surprise.” The positive response was overwhelming.It was clear that the show had potential to grow to an audience experiencing or nostalgic for the single life.In this stage, the characters are simply stereotypes that lack real substance, and in a world dominated by factory-produced entertainment via Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, it is crucial that the independent filmmakers create something deep as well as entertaining. As “different” as the four main characters are, they are all clearly on the same religious level, most likely graduates of Yeshiva University themselves.While the show currently has a primarily Jewish audience, in order to be successful among a wider range of people, the creators need to come up with issues and characters that break beyond the walls of simple “shidduch dating” and maybe even Modern Orthodoxy itself. The second episode gives hope for more character and plot development with the introduction of two fresh characters, Noa (Jessica Schechter) and Z (Noam Harary).

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