Is post dating a check illegal in ny

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Is post dating a check illegal in ny

Or would a Landlord object and request a check for immediate funds to secure the apartment.

Tenant obviously wants to hold onto funds as long as possible and Landlord wants secured funds to hold the apartment. Thank you, Matsui I've done this before but not for the length of time you've listed.

However, if the security deposit and first month's rent are at stake, a Tenant is much less likely to walk away.

Viewed in that light, a Tenant's payment of the security deposit and first month's rent in advance is not so much about paying for a service/product before it's provided but it is to secure the Tenant's commitment to the signed lease so that a LL can be confident in rejecting any future applicants to lease the property.

The fact that the LL wants the convenience of collecting the check along with the deposit and signed lease does not mean they are owed money for a service/product they have not yet provided. Otherwise, using the hypothetical posed earlier, if Tenant finds a better apartment in January, they can simply cancel a post-dated check and the LL would have lost precious time in getting the property rented.

LL would have a breached lease with no money in hand to offset the lost time and little likelihood of getting the signed lease enforced.

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Rent is due on the first of the month, never before, regardless of when you signed the lease.

So the rent payment for Feb 2010 could be post-dated for Feb 1 2010.

It is perfectly legal to provide a charge card or check for which the funds are not available when booking a room in advance.

Because you haven't received a service or product from them until you've checked in.

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For a utility company, you can call and give them 12 check numbers and they will use that information to make payments on a specified date of each month for the next year.

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