Gridview updating new values

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Gridview updating new values

The As, you can see the save Row Index function calls the web service “Simple Service” which calls the Note Changed Rows method.The Note Changed Rows method is responsible for adding the row index to the Session object.This article explains how to perform insert, update and delete operations in ASP. Let us take an example to perform CRUD operations using Entity Framework Database First approach.Suppose we’ve to work on Customer table having Category ID as foreign key.If your Page Size is 10 and you've edited the first record on the second page, Data Item Index returns 10 while Display Index returns 0, and since each page only has index values of 0-9, you get an index out of bounds error if you use the Data Item Index to find a Data Key value to use in your update code.I learned this the hard way.”In this article we learned how to update only the changed rows of the Grid View control by using Ajax calls.You can distinguish between standard events and event delegates by the type in the Events table. If the type is Command Delegate, it is a delegate command.

As a beginner it's very tough and challenging to work with controls like a Grid View in ASP. Even I faced difficulties at the starting point of my career. Here, I am not going to explain about Grid View and other events in it, because there are a lot of good articles about that.

This will improve performance in cases where you display a large number of rows to the user and the user only updates few rows.

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Next Select your database and Set “Save Entity connection string in Web.config as” option true giving name Sample Entities.

Select Both Category and Customer tables Give Model Namespace and click on Finish. NET Gridview Footer row for inserting record, inbuilt way to edit and delete records.

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The Grid View contains three Template Field columns namely, ID, Category Name and Category Description.

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