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Great dating20 com

In the early years of the 17th century, Emperor Jahangir of India kept a harem that included a thousand young men.All of which really put the famed 72-virgin heavenly harems earned by martyrs in the shade.And, thus, the ultimate goal for the concubine was to rise to the status of wife, father the heir, and rule the harem.Putting aside romance, this is very much about status and validation.

The most famous example is the Grand Seraglio of the Ottoman Sultans.

Christianity frowns upon multiple wives and extramarital sex and, thus, Christian monarchs have restrained themselves to mistresses drawn largely from the pool of women that helped make up the royal courts of Europe.

But even the Bible has its share of sexually greedy monarchs.

But until this point Ben Higgins has dated no fewer than 20 women simultaneously, both with their consent and also with the approval of a captivated public.

It’s an unconventional modern love story but it is hardly novel: this 21st-century reality show is in some ways just the latest example of a romantic arrangement available to high-status men for thousands of years.

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The Egyptian Pharoah Amenophis III, who fathered Akhenaten, had a harem that included his wife, two Syrian princesses, two Babylonian princesses, one Arzawa princess, two princesses from Mitanni, and numerous Egyptian concubines.

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