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Right-Click (Holding) moves the camera and the view point.

1 - Makes the character moan, not only in sex mode CTRL 1 - Makes the selected bot moan, not only in sex mode 2 - Makes the character ejaculate / squirt (cum), only active in sex mode CTRL 2 - Makes the selected bot ejaculate / squirt (cum), only active in sex mode ESC - Open/close Menu F1 - Settings F5 - Free Camera F6 - 3rd person camera view F7 - 1st person camera view (good for VR) SHIFT O - Oculus Rift mode on/off SHIFT Z - Hide/show user interface SHIFT C - Hide/show mousepointer If you have struggles with more stuff of the game, I attached a file for you View attachment 3DXChat Basic Manual_(first you start with 0) are in the list of friends, they can be added to the location.

Run 3DXChat Ability to place furniture on top of each other and inside walls with no restrictions.

So @3dxchat released their brand new update earlier and I just couldn't resist throwing together a little mini photoshoot with the new poses right away!

😍 Bit of a lads mag theme with tits and a fast car 🍈🍈🚗😝 #3dxchat #3dx #sexxxyjessica #mnfclub #nsfw #imvu #secondlife S951los 3DXChat 2.7 Build 392 (64 bit client) is available now!

In the character menu, buttons to dance, hug and kiss (Slowdance, Cuddle, Kiss cheek) for bots also work (all through the same Ctrl). If you want to delete or change the name or the gender of your character, press that button.

If you want different skin color, press that button.

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