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Each physician has an obligation to share in providing care to the indigent.The measure of what constitutes an appropriate contribution may vary with circumstances such as community characteristics, geographic location, the nature of the physician’s practice and specialty, and other conditions.“I do not disagree with the proposition that penalties can and should change over time, but they should be incremental and proportional,” Veel told the panel.The Internet has created the ability for medical students and physicians to communicate and share information quickly and to reach millions of people easily.After another session, she hugged him, and at one point he noted in his charts that the patient was “idealizing him and is seeking a real/physical bond with him,” says the agreed statement of facts.He said he made attempts to make clear to her that he was her psychiatrist. In one of their last sessions, Patient A kissed him on the mouth, Ghabbour testified.Should a psychiatrist who began dating his patient shortly after they stopped seeing each other professionally be allowed to keep his licence?That’s the question before a discipline panel of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, which must determine if Toronto doctor Nagi Ghabbour should become the first physician in the province to have his licence yanked for becoming romantically involved with a former patient too soon after the end of the doctor-patient relationship.

In one instance, she kissed him on the cheek and “referred to the kiss as one a daughter gives her father on Christmas,” according to the agreed statement of facts.If the behavior significantly violates professional norms and the individual does not take appropriate action to resolve the situation, the physician should report the matter to appropriate authorities.(f) Physicians must recognize that actions online and content posted may negatively affect their reputations among patients and colleagues, may have consequences for their medical careers (particularly for physicians-in-training and medical students), and can undermine public trust in the medical profession.All physicians should work to ensure that the needs of the poor in their communities are met.Caring for the poor should be a regular part of the physician’s practice schedule.

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“It’s an indication of where our society is moving in Ontario with regards to this type of conduct,” Widner told the panel.