Ed swiderski and jaclyn swartz dating

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Ed swiderski and jaclyn swartz dating

Who will it be – Nick and Rachel or Chris and Sarah?

And, as always, there's only one prize in Bachelor Pad.

Now, don't forget that Ed hasn't exactly been enthusiastic about defining his relationship with Jaclyn — at least not yet.

In fact, Ed's casual pickle-dipping attitude caused poor Jaclyn to collapse into a puddle of tears. Jaclyn and Ed have a few drama-filled episodes ahead of them (that's right, Ed has a piece on the side back at home). They're still kinda, maybe, sorta seeing each other!

There was a time that I thought I was really close to both. Never once did you say, 'I'm going to stick it out for your sake, Nick.' In the final competition you told me if it were you and Michael, you'd win this for sure.

I mean, Jaclyn says I'm fake…" Jaclyn chimes in, "You are! Jaclyn says, "I'm the realest person you'll ever meet." Ed agrees with Jaclyn. Chris says Blakeley talks tough but she's really just a cry baby. He's amazing." Together, Blakeley and Tony tell the other Tony surprises Blakeley, then. I care about you more than anybody I've ever been with. Jaclyn snubs Nick, saying he's the guy who "landed" in the finals "out of luck." Rachel, poor Rachel, cries that has just had such a rough time. Our best chance at winning the money was to take Chris and Sarah." Chris Harrison is tired of Jaclyn and Rachel's drama too, so he moves on to Chris Bukowski. I was never part of a strong partnership."Rachel calls Nick a disgusting human being.

I'm assuming "real" means "bitchy mean girl" in Bachelor Pad world. He says to her, "We've moved very quick, but it's like every day I fall more and more in love with you with. Chris wants to know if he regrets the way he played the game. Blakeley says, "You came here to win, but we have to vote. Michael – Rachel and, by default, Nick Jamie – Nick and Rachel Kalon – a big SARAH and a little Chris Ed – Nick and Rachel Blakeley – Nick and Rachel Dave – Chris and Sarah Erica – Chris and Sarah Reid – Nick and Rachel Lindzi – Rachel and Nick Donna – Rachel and Nick Tony – Nick (Captain Protein) and Rachel Jaclyn – Rachel and Nick Rachel and Nick win the votes! They each have to choose to keep or share the money. "Rachel looks at the audience and asks, The audience is silent. Nick is like, nobody comes into this game hoping to win 5,000 (ie, half). Nick says, "I came here to win 0,000 and that's what I won."Rachel says, "I'm devastated." Rachel cries about her rough times and losing Michael.

I think you should have just thought about that." Sarah defends Chris's game and character. If they both choose share, they split the money evenly. Nick tells her if she had been all in the partnership, instead of crying about Michael the whole time, he would have been cool with splitting the money.

a best friend doing that, essentially taking away their best friend's chance at winning 0,000, is unforgivable." Jaclyn says she fought to keep Rachel in the game, like, 14 times..

you know, when Michael left and, err, a few other times too. I wanted to be more than a partner, but once I got off, I realized I wasn't falling in love." Chris reminds us that Rachel was ready to leave the show for Michael after his elimination.

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