Driver sr need updating gentoo

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Driver sr need updating gentoo

Software like systemd requires certain kernel features to work properly.

As a Gentoo user you've probably seen messages like this one: files have thousands of lines.

It's also easy to end up with partial hardware support -- perhaps there's a hardware sensor that's available but whose support hasn't been enabled.

How do you know you have enabled everything necessary?

You can burn the ISO image to CD or to a USB flash drive but I opt for the former for simplicity.I think the defaults are fine and there's no need for kernel seeds.The few advantages of a "from-scratch" config: I'd argue that most folks would be better off sticking with gentoo-sources genkernel or any of the popular distro kernels.Instructions on how to install modern Gentoo Linux on ancient 486-based PCs. As Gentoo is a source-based distribution, we have to compile every package we install from scratch including the kernel and bootloader.This is too time-consuming to do on the 486 PC so I use a modern machine to do the compilation then move the disk over to the ancient PC. I heavily reference official Gentoo Wiki x86 handbook with some tweaks to suit the 486 as well as ease of repeated builds.

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