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Dave salmoni dating 2016

This information is coming from security sources who so far have been unable to unmask the scammers.Those sources tell Deadline that at least 30 people have made trips to Indonesia, where the scammers have connections in hotels and with drivers who are complicit in separating people from their money., a Discovery series in which he and several colleagues ventured into dangerous locations in search of vintage cars they brought back to the U. Mc Laren tells Deadline he was contacted to set up security and do advance work for a Chinese movie that would shoot in Indonesia.He was asked to survey the scene, and tasked with planning how to evacuate actors in case of emergency. “The reason I didn’t figure out it was a scam is, they picked me up, put me up in a hotel, and a buddy vouched for the caller, who was purportedly one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, a multiple Academy Award winner,” he said.The imposter, who always calls and receives calls on a cell phone, sets the hook by offering these men their dream jobs, for large sums of money.She gets them to sign non-disclosure agreements — which dissuades potential victims from going back to their friends to see if in fact a recommendation was made, or from calling the actual offices of the female film producer-financier.Emails are sent from bogus domains that are very close to the names of the actual prominent women, who themselves are being victimized and are horrified when victims swindled out of money call their offices after the fact, when the perpetrators have disappeared.This usually happens when victims have been lured to Indonesia.

This whole thing is shadowy, and even the private security types who are investigating the scam – likely on behalf of one or more of the women whose identities are being appropriated by the female caller or callers – haven’t been able to identify the perpetrators.

EXCLUSIVE: An elaborate global scam is being perpetrated on below-the-line Hollywood professionals, some of whom have lost sums as high as 0,000.

The victims find themselves seduced by the promise of a dream career job, offered most often in a call from a knowledgeable and very convincing woman claiming to be a powerful female producer-financier.

At the very least, people who receive such a call better contact the actual offices of that producer to find out if in fact that call was made.

Various iterations of this scam have been perpetrated for the past 18 months, and it is believed to have originated from the UK, possibly perpetrated by the same culprits who used a similar scheme on aspiring hair and makeup workers there going back to 2015.

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