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The proper brain chemicals aren’t sufficiently in place to support dealing with serious issues.We have defined three stages that romantic relationships go through.The first is dating, which might last a couple of months, followed by the relating stage, which can last approximately two years, and then mating, which can last our entire life times.To deeply understand how to succeed in each stage look at our Dating Relating Mating Course on Amazon.

Before dinner was over she was telling her potential partner that because of the abuse she experienced as a child, she needed a man who would never surprise her.

In an experiment done with prairie voles, scientists gave male voles a drug to suppress the effect of vasopressin.

The result was that the pairs’ bond diminished as the males lost their devotion to their partners.

Ariel & Shya Kane signing copies of How to Create a Magical Relationship: The 3 Simple Ideas that Will Instantaneously Transform Your Love Life, Nautilus Book Awards Winner, category of Relationships / Men & Women's Issues., this book offers real, practical ways men and women can create harmony and happiness in their relationships, whether they are single or divorced, dating or married.

This unique book includes links to companion videos and audios of the Kanes working with clients.

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