Dating scam nastya

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Dating scam nastya

In August, a British man was caught and imprisoned for scamming two women of over £300,000 using online dating sites.After convincing them that he was a diplomat and that a US marine general has fallen in love with them, one woman sold her jewelry, sent her live savings and her car to help this general move to the UK. Unfortunately, this is not the only case of an online scam.Sending a real gift can be a good option as it helps not only to become closer to each other but also to know her home address, thus verify her country of residence and identity.In some cases, men pretend to be ladies on the mail-order bride websites.

Don’t invest too much money in a girl you may never meet in person.

This means we have zero tolerance for anyone with the intensions to scam or defraud any other member.

Being a world leading international dating site since 1999 means we have significant experience to identify, track and deal with potential scammers.

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We recognised early that we could not just rely on manual checking of a members profile, phone calls with new members or even one on one interviews.