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Dating pbnet ru

d/b/a Verizon Business, US AS817 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. NET, US AS10902 INFILINK-CORPORATION - BISYS Creative Solutions, US AS10903 TARGET-ASN - Target Corporation, US AS10904 EQUISTAR-AS - EQUISTAR Petrochecmical Company, US AS10905 MTVI-AS - Mobile Technology Ventures Inc, US AS10906 Ncleo de Inf. do Ponto BR - NIC., BR AS10907 SECURITYCOVERAGE-INC - Security Coverage, Inc., US AS10908 CLOUDFLOORAS - Cloudfloor DNS, US AS10909 WHITEELMCAPITALLLC - WHITE ELM CAPITAL, LLC, US AS10910 INTERNAP-BLK - Internap Corporation, US AS10911 INTERNAP-BLK - Internap Corporation, US AS10912 INTERNAP-BLK - Internap Corporation, US AS10913 INTERNAP-BLK - Internap Corporation, US AS10914 -Reserved AS-, ZZ AS10915 CQL-AS - CQL Incorporated, US AS10916 FIRSTVOLUNTEER - First Volunteer Bank, US AS10917 THOMSON-TORONTO - Thomson Corporation, US AS10918 SITELOCK - Sitelock, LLC, US AS10920 JOHN-PAUL-CATHOLIC-UNIVERSITY - John Paul the Great Catholic University, US AS10921 KIHNETWORK - Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Information Systems, US AS10922 LIVEJOURNAL - Live Journal Inc., US AS10923 MONTREAL-COLO - Vonage Holdings, Inc., US AS10924 DLAS-ASN - Division of Legislative Automated Systems, US AS10925 SNOWBOUND - Snowbound Software Corporation, US AS10927 PCH-SD-NAP - Packet Clearing House, US AS10928 CTI-NETRAX - CTI / Netrax, US AS10929 NETELLIGENT - e Struxture Data Centers Inc., CA AS10930 NOVA-INTERNET - Nova Internet Services, Inc., US AS10931 -Reserved AS-, ZZ AS10932 UC2B - UC2B, US AS10933 ATXNET-AS - ATX Telecommunications Services, US AS10935 RLC-INTERNET - RLC INTERNET, US AS10936 MARNELL-CORRAO-ASSOC-MCC1 - Marnell Corrao Assoc., US AS10937 CENTENNIAL-PR - AT&T Mobility Puerto Rico, PR AS10938 AGENCIA ESTADUAL DE TECNOLOGIA DA INFORMACAO - ATI, BR AS10939 PMG1 - Paxton Media Group, LLC., US AS10940 FONALITY - Fonality, Inc., US AS10941 ORGAN-1 - Organic, Inc, US AS10942 DSNET-AS - Dunlap Services, Inc., US AS10944 ABAG-10944 - Association of Bay Area Governments, US AS10945 CORP-LINDON - ROI Solutions, LLC, US AS10946 -Reserved AS-, ZZ AS10947 WERCS-NET - Mountain West Technologies Corporation, US AS10949 SMART-CITY-HICC - Smart City Networks, L.

d/b/a Verizon Business, US AS818 DOC-AS - Department of Communications, CA AS819 LARG-NET - LARG*net, CA AS820 SSC-299-Z-820 - Shared Services Canada, CA AS821 DISC - Designed Information Systems Corporation, CA AS822 STJOSEPHS-AS - St. P., US AS10950 POLITICO - Politico, LLC, US AS10951 MGA-ENTERTAINMENT - MGA ENTERTAINMENT INC., US AS10952 ECU-AS - East Carolina University, US AS10953 PECO - Exelon Corporation, US AS10954 SERVICO FEDERAL DE PROCESSAMENTO DE DADOS - SERPRO, BR AS10955 WILPATERSON - WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY, US AS10956 TALKFUSION - Talk Fusion, Inc, US AS10957 REALMED - REALMED CORPORATION, US AS10958 ROYELLCOMM-AS - Royell Communications, Inc., US AS10959 BAC-NPC - Bank of America, National Association, US AS10960 CENTURYLINK-QC-MOE-TUCSON - Century Link Communications, LLC, US AS10961 BGP-AS - Boston Giga Po P, US AS10962 CERNER-CORP-ASN - Cerner Corporation, US AS10963 PROTERRA-SC - PROTERRA, Inc., US AS10964 Banco Credicoop Cooperativo Limitado, AR AS10965 MRNET - MRNet, CA AS10966 ALASKA-AIR - Alaska Airlines, Inc., US AS10967 HOMEDEPOTNET - The Home Depot, US AS10968 CARGILL-NET - Cargill Incorporated, US AS10969 TRANSCENDENT - Transcendent, LLC, US AS10970 LIGHTEDGE - Light Edge Solutions, US AS10971 CASSCOMM - Cass Cable TV, Inc., US AS10972 NF-CANET2 - Memorial University, NF CAnet 2 giga POP, CA AS10973 KALAMA - Scatter Creek Info Net, Inc., US AS10974 AS-10974 - CUsource, LLC, US AS10975 NET-AIG - American International Group Data Center, Inc., US AS10976 THINKINGPHONES - FUZE INC, US AS10977 GECKOASN - Gecko Internet, US AS10978 MATCHMG - Match MG Chicago, INC, US AS10979 ICWGROUP - INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE WEST, US AS10980 STAFFORD - Stafford Communications, Inc., CA AS10981 OPUBCO - The Oklahoma Publishing Company, US AS10982 TIVO-SJ - Ti Vo, Inc., US AS10983 Telecom Argentina S. V., US AS11011 -Reserved AS-, ZZ AS11012 DDC-AS - The Digital Design Company, US AS11013 BLUE-AS - Wide Open West Finance LLC, US AS11014 CPS, AR AS11015 TCH-AS - Texas Children's Hospital, US AS11016 EXP-EC1999 - Experian, US AS11017 CSN - CSN Support Services, US AS11018 GLOBALACCESS - NTT Multimedia Communications Laboratories, US AS11019 HAPROXY-TECHNOLOGIES - HAProxy Technologies, Inc., US AS11020 QNET-ASN - Quantum Networking Solutions, Inc., US AS11022 ALABANZA-BALT - Alabanza, Inc., US AS11023 SYSSRC - System Source, US AS11024 COGENT-11024 - Cogent Communications, US AS11025 COMCAST-HOUSTON - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US AS11026 ATTIS-ASN11026 - AT&T Corp., US AS11027 KEMPER-INSURANCE - Kemper Insurance Companies, ZZ AS11028 SETIATHOME - SETIATHOME, US AS11029 BORDER-TECHNOLOGY - Border Technology, LLC, US AS11030 QUALCOMM - Qualcomm, Inc., US AS11031 ORBIS-INVESTMENTS - Orbis Investments (Canada) Limited, CA AS11032 UQ - Universite du Quebec, CA AS11033 ASN-LYNXNET-CA - LYNXNET., CA AS11034 INTELEPEER-US - Intele Peer, Inc., US AS11035 KCPA1 - The Raymond F.

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d/b/a Verizon Business, US AS815 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. COM, US AS10877 CHAMBERS - Chambers Multimedia Connection, US AS10878 IBS-AS - Internet Broadcasting System, US AS10879 UHC - Unitedhealthcare, US AS10880 YAHOO-AN2 - Oath Holdings Inc., US AS10881 FUNPAR - Fundacao da UFPR para o DCTC, BR AS10882 CLARITYCONNECT - Clarity Connect Inc, US AS10883 COMSPANUSA - Comspan Communications Inc., US AS10884 FRYIN-AS - Oracle Corporation, US AS10885 ASAMINI - Amini Enterprises, Inc., US AS10886 MAX-GIGAPOP - University of Maryland, US AS10887 BPSI-AS - BPSI Internet Services, US AS10888 AS10888 - National Aeronautics and Space Administration, US AS10889 TRENSEN - Trensen Inc., US AS10890 PHILADELPHIA-NEWSPAPERS - Philadelphia Newspapers Incorporated, US AS10891 UTSWEB - Universal Tax Systems Inc, US AS10892 ISSI - Infinite Software Solutions, Inc., US AS10893 NYT-EWR1 - The New York Times Company, US AS10894 U11912 - Web Genesis, Inc, US AS10895 Prima S.

d/b/a Verizon Business, US AS816 MOONV6 - MCI Communications Services, Inc. A., AR AS10896 VERIFONE - Verifone, Inc., US AS10897 Camara dos Deputados, BR AS10898 BI-NET-SA, ZA AS10899 AS10900 EDUC-NET-PROV - Educational Network Provider, US AS10901 TERABIT - TERABIT.

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The [five RIRs] are: - [AFRINIC] - [APNIC] - [ARIN] - [LACNIC] - [RIPE_NCC] AS Numbers can be obtained from the registry in your region. A., BR AS10689 FVI-CHI - Fox Valley Internet, Inc., US AS10690 NETSCOUT - NETSCOUT SYSTEMS INC., US AS10691 Col Inter Net, CO AS10692 DLS-LITH - DLS Internet Services, Inc, US AS10693 VSPN-ASN - First Coast On Line Inc., US AS10694 MONST-2AS - Monster Worldwide, Inc., US AS10695 WAL-MART - Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., US AS10696 MICROPATENT - Micro Patent, US AS10697 Interlink S. L., AR AS10698 WR-TECH - Wood River Technologies, US AS10699 TELSOFT-AS - Tel Soft Consultants, Inc., US AS10700 TECINFO - TECINFO, Inc., US AS10701 TNSC - Fiber Plus, Inc, US AS10702 INL-AS - Idaho National Laboratory, US AS10703 PENTICS - Quadrunner Communications, US AS10704 Microlink Telecom (LNCC), BR AS10705 NU01-WS-NC - Net Unlimited Inc., US AS10706 Grupo Empresarial Mexicano en Telecomunicaciones, S. d/b/a Verizon Business, US AS10720 VRIS-10719-10720 - MCI Communications Services, Inc.

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