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As you can probably imagine, I think this is bullshit.

Even more importantly for dating, I think it is totally disingenuous and sets the courtship on a false foundation.

Instead, we received a heaping dose of homophobia and misogyny.

”Emily: The way Young spoke suggests his only true specialty is in the art of bullshitting.

At the start of the Great Love Debate, moderator (and professional matchmaker) Paul Carrick Brunson’s called out the elephant in the room: the audience was overwhelmingly female.

“How can you love a woman when you haven’t been taught to love yourself? He went into a dripping, sob story about how men have been taught to work and make money but not how to love themselves. “Even within the room, we can be present but still be absent.”Cue the world’s tiniest violin and gag me with a spoon.

Justin: I have to admit: I was actually ready to listen to him after he said that.

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It also played to the larger undercurrent of the evening’s advice: women shouldn’t express their thoughts, feelings, and intentions outright.