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The punishment was handed down to Dennis Christensen (pictured), who has lived in Russia for years and led Bible readings in a local branch of the sect.It was widely described as the harshest violation of freedom of belief that the country has seen in recent years, and an ominous throwback to Soviet practices.Now Russian officialdom appears to have decided otherwise.Still, the Witnesses, who are based in the United States and claim a global membership of around 8m, are nothing if not resilient.They discouraged her from seeking counseling, because a therapist might blame the religion or get the authorities involved.Finally, the elders asked Kimmy a question: If her mother It’s seriously messed up.

A threshold was crossed in April 2017 when the Supreme Court supported the justice ministry in deeming the entire Russian branch of the sect Douglas Quenqua does an incredible job of tying together so many horrible things about the religion into a single powerful narrative.Quenqua focuses on Mark O’Donnell, who grew up in the faith and ultimately left it.Witnesses also point out that they stood up to Nazi Germany, refusing to give the Nazi salute or join pro-Hitler organisations; more than 1,000 of them died in concentration camps.Much more recently, the sect has faced criminal charges in countries ranging from communist Cuba to capitalist Singapore.

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