Dating hasui prints

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It was a print that was destined for export and thus the English title at the bottom of the print.

There are no copyright markings and no [transmission lost]. There should be strong markings in the sky showing the intense rubbing done during the printing process.

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Unless otherwise indicated the displayed item is not in the ownership of JAODB or Ross Walker.

Below is an example print, click to see it in action."(A very reliable and knowledgeable expert has informed me that this (English-titled) printing was issued at the same time as the Japanese-"kanji" version, albeit on somewhat thinner paper.That said, both are to be considered as "first editions," as none apparently were subsequently printed.) Circa 1935." Our trusty shortwave wireless was able to pick up the original transmission that so fortified our Mr. Bouncing in off the inversion layer, here it is: "This print, Miyajima no Yukigeshiki (Snow Scene at Miyajima Shrine) was done in 1935.On , Kawase Hasui’s parents celebrated the birth of their first son, whom they named Bunjiro (he would acquire his own name as an artist, later).The Kawase family home was behind their shop in Tokyo’s Shiba ward, part of the “low city”, an area where the locals ran businesses serving the government and military elite.

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In Hasui’s lifetime, he would see Japan realize its tremendous and rapid transformation from the agrarian, traditional Japan of old to a modern, industrialized nation.