Dating chandelier

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Dating chandelier

Another style of chandelier, the Dutch brass ball-stem style that is still used today, is depicted in the 1663 painting by Gerrit Dou, who was a student of Rembrandt.

England imported a great amount of Dutch brass work, but then British crafters learned to reproduce the brass ball-stem style and later implemented crystal.

This look at the multifaceted history of the chandelier is not exhaustive, but does cover many periods of time and how people lit their spaces in each one.

Roman lamps were especially well-known for their decorative attributes.The chandelier is a signature of lighting design and has been one throughout the years, but its history goes back even further than people may think.Over the centuries, the chandelier has evolved, taken on new designs, spread all over the world and gone from holding candles to electric light bulbs, but the main idea of a marvelous centerpiece of lighting remains.Archaeologists found a lamp buried in the cave floor in Lascaux that juniper soot inside it, thousands of years later.The lamp is pictured here: Ancient Sumerian and Egyptian artisans crafted molded candles, alabaster lamps and colored glass.

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There are examples of three separate types of oil and grease lamps dating to 17,000 BCE!

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