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Posted by / 27-Sep-2019 15:20

If you are tired of seeing your credit card balance rise every month …and the balance has reached levels that are starting to overwhelm you ...

If you miss a payment, they can revoke whatever concessions were made on your interest rate and monthly payment.It’s up to consumers to decide which one best suits their situation.Debt consolidation is also referred to as “bill consolidation” or “credit consolidation.” By any name, consolidating debt effectively should get you out of debt faster and eventually unsecured debt such as credit cards.If you are falling behind paying off your credit card debt, it’s very likely your credit score is tumbling, too.If the interest rate you get for a debt consolidation loan is not lower than the average interest rate you already were paying on your credit cards (see above), then a debt consolidation loan does you no good.

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The repayment period is normally 3-5 years, but how much you interest you are charged is the key element.