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Chelsea joy handler dating

due to expire at the end of the year and talks of a Netflix show, we've decided to dig up some facts about this wonderfully potty-mouthed late-night lady. Chelsea Joy Handler was born in Livingston, New Jersey on February 25, 1975. After two years, she decided to turn her hand to becoming a stand-up comic after telling a story about a past DUI to a class of other offenders, who then burst into laughter. Handler waited tables up until the age of 26 before she got her big break in LA, starring in the American reality comedy television show on E! In an interview with , she expressed how important honesty is to her, saying she would never lie about anything.

She has five siblings (Glen, Roy, Shoshana, Chet and Sydney), and she is the youngest child. She told CNN: "I just turned 21 and I was still using my older sister's identification that my mother had given me so I would be able to drink legally. , this funny girl makes every man, woman and midget piddle their pants." So men find funny girls sexy? She went on to talk about having an abortion when she was 16 years old: "Those are the things that people shouldn't be dishonest about." 6.

I got pulled over and I was very abstinent, not getting along with the police officers in typical DUI fashion and I think I called the officer racist - we were both white." If it's just embarrassing stories that kick start a career in comedy, I think more than a few of us would have our own shows by now. Now, I'm sure most of us can admit to ogling over celebrity look-a-likes at some stage, and have even been dumbfounded at pairs of celebrities that just look way too similar.

For us, one of the most obvious was Handler's could-be-sister Elizabeth Banks.

She is also a writer and has published five books that have made the New York Times Best Seller List among which four of the book have reached number one.She confirmed her breakup with Ted via her late night talk show.In 2011 she met hotelier Ander Balazs and started dating.Like her previous relationship, Chelsea and Balazs broke up after a two-year bi-coastal relationship.Unable to find true love, Chelsea is currently single.

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In 2006 she had an affair with Ted Harbert, the CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group.

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