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Cheating in dating

A good rule of thumb that many have found helpful is this: Assume that your partner will not be happy if you have cheated and if you violate their trust, you may be setting yourself up for the potential loss of a relationship." — Dr. D., LMFT, FAPA"The essence of cheating is betraying your partner's trust.

This could manifest itself in a full-blown physical affair, an emotional affair, or an online interaction. Being loyal to your spouse means not shifting your emotional focus elsewhere.

To me, as a “senior” citizen, cheating means to me that someone had sex with another person while they were in a mutually committed relationship with someone. Some people can be very possessive, even when not in an “exclusive” relationship.

There is no “sort of cheated” or “almost cheated” when this happens. They see someone having a cup of coffee with a co-worker, perhaps danced a dance with someone at a school function or went jogging with a member of the opposite sex.

If you haven't explicitly discussed commitment, it is safe to assume you don't have one and it is unfair to hold the other person to something they have not agreed upon.

That said, you don't have to like everything the other person does.

For example, if your love interest is flirting with other people, it may not be 'cheating' but you don't have to like it either." — Nicole Richardson, LPC, LMFT"My definition of cheating is when there is an agreement between two partners to be in a monogamous relationship and one partner violates the agreement and engages in sexual or emotional intimacy with someone outside the relationship.

D., Manhattan Psychologist Hopefully this helped you figure out your own boundaries when it comes to cheating because, really, that's what's important.

This term “cheat/cheating” comes up a lot on Quora.

I’m guessing it may mean different things to different people.

This can also include intended as well as unintended consequences such as developing an infatuation that becomes a full on crush for someone; revealing some of your deeper inner thoughts and feelings with someone you are attracted to; other than your partner, lying to someone else about the fact that you are already in a relationship; sleeping with the other even if you don't have sex; and having any sexual contact that might not include intercourse but could include sexual touching of a provocative nature.

Overall, cheating is dependent upon the agreements you have with your partner.

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Cheating can be physical, emotional and/or digital.

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