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Can we not remember world, for stretched before them the occasion of the first mar- were the matchless prairies of tj Ted Christiai)? After many miles of man of strong faith, the man travel the party came to a dense who had a spirit so generous forest, and the road bed through that even as his body became this was made of spht logs, more bruised with the illegal placed with the flat side up, and pelting of stones, could cry out.

for miles and miles the tem- like He who hung on the cross, porary home on wheels bumped "Lord, lay not this sin to their and jostled over this creation of charge"; and "I" says Paul, pioneer days.

She returned to Massa- Classfs Which Meet Examinations WUI Bo chusetts. This is the supreme end of education — or rather this is education itself.

— Alexander Campbell as the children who waited on the bank, swim back with the object between his teeth.

L M U Railsplitters — Science Hill Gym Milligan — -75 King 56 Milligan .__63 Maryville _ 47 Milligan 74 David Lipscomb 69 THE STAMPEDE MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN., SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 1950 Number S Semester Ends January 28; Class f^^ "\- ^ . The exhibition is an expan- i SOVU SCOtia U Lead S BUSJ Life As The play, centering around a' sion of the article, Renaissance Registrar Miss Lois Hale n H^'%he' o'j^edure^'a^r^'i;- '"^^'^ ''*°"' belonging to an Veiuce", ^d is"ihe "tlur'd to be Motke T, Communit V Aud Cll Urck plify the procedure ana min j^^^^^^^ -,,.i^^- 10 ',r^A 10 ' 1 J » 1 in 1J03 tne poet, reirarcn, with interesting details, of Mary Louisa Mc Kinney. ^Continued on Page Three) Rpn^^i^Anr-^ ^ni*r sn H nnni. the dates set aside: 18 and 19 January, in the afternoons.

Welshlmer Memorial Library' Milliaan Collece TN 37682 Tonight: Milligan Buffaloes vs. ..• Massachusetts, New York, A piay wimoui aistincc roie ^^^^ ^^^ picturci, suggests tne ^ ,_ ^ ,.

f oeginning ^as been the wonder of travel- geline." to a small co Uege in East Tennessee is a stor- brimming advantage or mis provision on ^ several performances of the .„„ t_ i-jfis thp nnf-t Ppfrarr-h ..^ -\ . Aub- m the Upper h-ast lennessee ^^^3] within the bounds of the rey Mc Kiney. came to school here via ^''^^" world." This exhibition in both ■m(^^.-.^\.,,.^**. Th exhibition opens with Stahl panoramic view of Venice in semester examinations.

Comden, South Carolina; Bos- ton University, and the Uni- ©uth colonists in Massachusetts, versity of Texas. schedule The Stampede pub- and two children recently mov- 1500 as imagined from the air Mary's experiences, which w.-ith their stone fences, are lishcs the class list for the con- ed on the campus. Stahl by a Renaissance artist, with the would grace the pages of any considered to resemble Scottish venience of students.

So Josephus donned the uniform and for three years was engaged in war and its inevit- able horrors and misfortunes.

3 1881 0011 2585 1 The Stampede January 14, 1950 (Vol. |^gj^j,g an early registration has been appreciative Mi Uigan au- mg with the history of Western J ,„^^- Ami ^fit^^nt :e December 1. Canada's "Land of Evan- a Hvantn PP of this provision on , , ! This mteresting student, who before her marriage to Dr. Un- like the custom heretofore ad- Ji^sidc S Hcr G hered to, there will be no sep- arate printed sheets of the Mr. Ray E Stahl Family A REMINDER Renaissance splendor and opul- -— ■ - - - " ---- ^lear all accounts with the ence and rich commercialism- Texas and Tennessee She stop- ^^^^^^^^^ ^jfj^ before asking in fact the whole extraordinary ped for sketches of learning at ^^^ ^^ permit to take achievement of art and life in S o m mer\-iile, Massachusetts; that unique and serene city.

was introduced to based on the LIFE articles deal- ' -^ imize confusion ordinarily en- countered with martriculation. Students may take '^S^l^ ^\^ mik ^the Tegm Slg k ^°l ' ^^^^^^"'^ 7^^^, ^^"^^,^ From a ht Ue v Ulage in Nova Scotia. Junior at Milh- play scheduled at various places ^^^^^^ ..^ ^^^ ^^j -^ ^^ j^as an gan. A more complete announcement of the pre -registration \vill be given in assembly 17 3 •i S\~ii±i~y ■ The New Schedule This issue of The Stampede carries a schedule of classes for the forthcoming semester.

This hquid burial, and resurrection of the band of Nature was a wonder to Man of Gahlee and the scene them, and they interpreted it in deeply impressed itsejf on the terms of their little creek at mind and heart of eleven year home, grown up.

After crossing old Joe, Scarcely are we able the Ohio river the two boys ran to estimate the value of soul to the top of the hill, and as stirring scenes upon a youthful they thought, to the top of the mind.

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Miss Hale began his duties here the first Grand Canal winding Uke a ser- good book, began in a quiet lit- and English farmsteads, urges that each individual save of this year as executive secre- pent through the heart of the tie village in the southern part First Schooling a copy of the newspaper for tary and director of church city. Here in As a little girl Mary Louisa use in enrolling for the new relations for the college.

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