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Infants in the high-risk category for cerebral palsy can be tense and irritable, experience difficulty eating and lag in developing muscle control.

Before our date, we had chatted online and immediately hit it off, sharing our mutual love for animals, comic books, and TED Talks.The wide variety of programs and services that contribute to management of the condition include special education, counseling and guidance, vocational training and placement, recreation and leisure activities, independent living arrangements, transportation and other support services that may lead to participation in an unrestricted environment.Dating has always been a challenging part of my life, mainly because of all of the misconceptions guys seem to have about my medical condition.I have spastic cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair, which has led me to have some unusual experiences in the dating world. One of the biggest misconceptions that guys my age seem to have is that if you date a person with a disability, you automatically become that person's caregiver.Cerebral Palsy may make some everyday tasks difficult for me, but I do not allow it to stop me from living my dreams. They assume they have to take responsibility for me when the reality is that I’m a strong, independent woman who just happens to use a wheelchair.

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