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Celebrities dating black guys

Most black men today as they did in past times live off of somebody. Most blacks were not and still are not willing to work that hard to make it big in life.

White women will pay all the bills just to have that black d#*k inside her. They prefer the easy way out, like selling drugs any crime that’s not a 9 to 5.

Anything or anyone that’s got one can get a black man.

Realistically white women get their black man for a number of reasons.

As it has been throughout all of human history most people cannot except that they are their own worst enemy.

I was going through a recent slideshow on Huffington Post of all of the celebrity marriages so far in 2013 (watch the slide show because you will not believe who got married! I noticed almost all of the Black women also married interracially too!

I have heard a lot of reasons or i could say excuses why white women are with black men over the past 45 years. This woman’s comparison is obviously very imaginative.

If this woman ever had a black man she might be aware that supporting a black man maybe something she can not afford.It takes a lot of care and expensive products to have this great looking and great feeling skin.If this woman thinks this man and his skin is all that because they are doing a lot of pounding and rolling around in bed. Shes obviously obsessed with seeing her naked white skin pressed up into the black mans black skin and feeling her coochy getting creamy.Her explanation for her craving makes as much sense as a foreign language. This woman might should try her hand at writing one of those paperback love stories. The real reason she has her legs open is black men are the easiest to get f#%ked by.If you want a good quick f#%k make contact with a black man. Getting a black man works for anybody, females, males, transsexuals!

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Brown people just as the blacks wants us all to believe their problem is whitie. Somehow dropping babies everywhere in Latino land is thought to be the greatest thing since American money.