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Catalhoyuk dating

The smaller rooms were probably for grain or food storage and their owners accessed them through oval or rectangular holes cut into the walls measuring no more than about 2.5 ft (.75 m) in height.

The main living spaces at Çatalhöyük were rarely larger than 275 sq ft (25 sq m and they were occasionally broken into smaller regions of 10–16 sq ft (1–1.5 sq m).

The decorations are generally confined to the bench/burial part of main rooms.

Some microscopic plant residue evidence suggests that flowers and fruit may have been included in some of the burials, and some were buried with textile shrouds or baskets.

Mellaart classed the buildings into two groups: residential structures and shrines, using internal decoration as an indicator of a given room's religious importance.

Hodder had another idea: he defines the special buildings as History Houses.

The region is semi-arid today, as it was in the past, and largely treeless except near the rivers.

The East Mound is the largest and oldest of the two, its rough oval outline covering an area of about 32 ac (13 ha).

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They included ovens, hearths, and pits, raised floors, platforms, and benches.