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Then I received an email from a guy who wanted to meet women in Pattaya. We wanted to spend a relaxed day at the beach and it’s the closest beach to Bangkok.In his email he wrote that he was not a sex tourist. When I told him that there are hundreds of go-go bars and thousands of bar girls in this city, he replied in a way that I didn’t expect. So, in case you are a man who wants to spend your holiday at the beach, move to Pattaya, or enjoy your retirement in one of the condos near the ocean and you are not interested in the bar scene, this article is for you.

Thai’s are very xenophobic and fear is ingrained in them like chili is […]Are you moving to Thailand? If you are like most you’re probably spending a lot of time reading boring forums with outdated information.Then there is my Trip to Khon Kaen recently and my recommendation for accommodations.[…]Sometimes I’ll go through months of using Dating Sites, then I’ll move to the Chat Sites, then i’ll go through periods of sleaze where I’m hitting the Karaoke Clubs, G clubs and go go clubs, I’ll have stints at beer […]I remember 10 months ago I talked about the Discovery club closing down and a new nightclub that was going to open up out near Mae Jo Chiang Mai.I don’t want to brag, but when it comes to dating Thai girls, I consider myself an expert.I’ve written about the women in Bangkok and the women in Chiang Mai.

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After some romantic restaurants, rooftop bars, and creative day date ideas are covered we will get to what might be the most important part of this guide.

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