Baby shower dating game questions

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Baby shower dating game questions

Pass out blank greeting cards along with consecutively numbered envelopes to each of your guests.Instruct each guest to write a birthday card to the baby-to-be for whatever age is listed on her envelope.Make up a list of questions pertaining to the "blessed event".

Note: This game is also a good game to play for Bridal Showers.

At the shower, pass out the sheet of questions to each guest and have them answer each question.

If they get the answer correct (either the Father's or Mother's answer), they get a point and whoever has the most points gets a prize.

Some examples of questions and answers: These are just some of the many ideas we came up with.

Depending on how daring you are and how your guests might react, you can come up with some good questions and answers.

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Buy blank stationery cards and individual envelopes, or cut heavy paper into cards and put all the cards into one big envelope.

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