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Ajax Active MQ supports Ajax which is an Asychronous Javascript And Xml mechanism for real time web applications.

In Active MQ 5.4.1 supports JMS selectors since it is frequently useful to receive only a subset of these messages.

The ajax featues of amq are provided on the client side by the script.

Beginning with Active MQ 5.4, this script utilizes one of three different adapters to support ajax communication with the server.

The message is sent to the destination as a Text Message.

When a client registers a listener, a message subscription request is sent from the client to the server in a POST in the same way as a message, but with a type of message, it lazily creates a Message Available Consumer and registers a Listener on it.

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Ajax support in Active MQ builds on the same basis as the REST connector for Active MQ which allows any web capable device to send or receive messages over JMS.