1 config files in etc need updating Webcam chat no ages

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1 config files in etc need updating

files in them so there is no danger of overwriting any images or other types of files during the update.for the second one; when you upload the new vendor folder it will overwrite any old files with new ones of the same name and add any new files it contains.thanks, robert About images folder, say some user changed the images for the smilies keeping for them the same name as those natives.About store folder, only .htaccess and will be overwritten, so no probs.I'm also wondering if it could be that my files are somehow out of sync after all the changes I tried to get things working?If this is a possibility, would it be ok if I just overwrite all my current files with a refresh of the complete 3.2.2 files following the update here? ating-32x/ Only following steps 1 through 6 since I don't want to re-install or touch the database again.

It's a distro that's pretty much a stage 3 install of gentoo.I created one that I know works in 99.99% of the cases.Most of the people here with problems are newbies and need/want a simple step by step method. Anyway, as I said, point taken about the vendor and cache folders.About files folder, only .htaccess and will be overwritten, so no probs. If you do not delete the vendor folder then you will be left with files that have been removed/renamed and this may cause problems further down the line.There is no need to keep obsolete files in the vendor folder, old story. And the cache should be deleted as well, will be replaced by an empty one with the new files (always the same) About config.php, should be manually updated to reflect the latest version, in case of an upgrade (not update). The "best practice" is to delete the vendor folder as advised by the developers..

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Hi, I'm trying to install Gentoo from the minimal-cd and after "emerge --sync" it tells me this: * Regenerating GNU info directory index...

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